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Chemical, Oil, & Gas

Industry Overview

The Chemical Oil and Gas segment is a diverse and complex group of businesses. We often divide them into the following segments: Upstream (Exploration and Production), Downstream (refining), Midstream (transportation, including pipelines) and chemical. Each of these broad categories can be further divided. For instance the upstream segment would include activities offshore and onshore, as well as including oil and gas production and collection. It would include conventional operations and operations as diverse as mining oil sand in Alberta, or injecting steam to free up the same bitumen; directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing to recover gas and oil from tight formations in Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota or injecting carbon dioxide into older reserves to recover oil once thought unreachable.

A modern refinery converts crude oil that may be "sweet or sour" and "heavy or light" into a broad range of useful products used for transportation fuel, for home heating, for lubricants, and as the fuel to generate electricity. In addition it supplies many of the source materials that go to the Chemical sector that lead to multitudes of products used in every industry and walk of life.

Natural gas heats our homes as well as powers our utilities and factories. Recent discoveries in the US have given us hopes of being energy independent one day.

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